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Toddler Time at the Ritzy – 29/01/13

It may seem like madness to get on a bus and pay for the privilege of watching Peppa Pig at the cinema, but “it may seem like madness” is the foundation on which this blog is built, hey? Tuesday mornings … Continue reading

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Attack of the Crones

I’ve just been to the supermarket and someone I didn’t know came up to me and told me my baby was ugly. I was reeling from that whenever person stepped up and said that my little boy was a bit … Continue reading

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Guards and cupcakes – 25/01/13

Do you sometimes feel like the Universe is trying to tell you something? I felt like that this morning. I was reading a blog post by Slummy Single Mummy, which featured a picture of a rainbow cake. Minutes earlier I … Continue reading

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Kennington Park in the snow – 21/01/13

Just a few pictures, really. To reassure you that I’m not as bad a mother as you think I am. For every stressful, disappointing snow day and crazy mission there’s also a good romp around in the park with his … Continue reading

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Rain Room – 19/01/13

Yesterday was a day when lots of straightforward things went wrong. Today was a day when complicated things went right. That’s a nice change. Let’s not dwell on the hours it’s taken me to get Eva to sleep, and the … Continue reading

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London in the Snow again – 18/01/13

Apparently there’s been some weather of some sort today. You wouldn’t know it from Facebook, would you? The last time we had settling snow in South London was last February and you may recall how I singularly failed to do … Continue reading

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Vauxhall, today

     For once I’m not going to say much. London is once again getting on with its life – the buses are running again, the shops and bars are open. There isn’t the same sense of fear there was … Continue reading

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Gooseberry Bush Cafe – 16/01/13

As you may have noticed if you regularly read this blog, Eva and I have an ongoing project to see how far we can get during Roo’s nursery time. Today may have been pushing the boundaries a little. We often … Continue reading

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On the nature of “treats”

What do you understand by the meaning of “treats”? Are they something you carry around in your handbag to entice stray puppies? Or not so-stray-but-easily-distracted puppies? Maybe that’s just me. Anyway, I’ve been musing on what a 3-year-old might consider … Continue reading

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More news and stuff and news

Don’t you hate those blog posts that are just strings of unconnected things in a rambling kinda way? Well, I’m not in love with writing them either but this week there seems to be SO much I need to share … Continue reading

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