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Adventures Around Stratford – 28/08/15

It’s amazing how you can go to a place hundreds of times and yet still discover new bits of it. We did that twice this weekend – once with the Olympic Park, and once with Victoria Park, which probably deserves … Continue reading

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Autumn is Coming

Yes, it’s true. I’m wearing a cardigan as I write this. I may even put the heating on later. I know it’s August but my feet are cold. And that brings me smoothly onto my autumn preview. Because as the … Continue reading

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Crayford – 20/08/15

  “Where is Crayford?”, you may ask. Well, it’d be a good question. I wouldn’t have known the answer a week ago. But the answer is it’s in the London Borough of Bexley, and a swift visit there ticked off … Continue reading

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Project MC2 – 08/08/15

  Here’s a picture quiz for you all. In the equation above, A2+B2= what? And what the Pythagoras does it all mean anyway? Answer below and the first one to get it right will get a prize of some kind. … Continue reading

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Morden Hall Park – 07/08/15

  If all kids rebel against their parents – which I expect they do – then mine will almost certainly develop a loathing for long, pointless journeys across London. We’ve had a couple of long trips to West London recently … Continue reading

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Feltham – 06/08/15

It’s been an intense couple of trips of out-and-aboutness, so forgive me if this post is mainly made up of random letters, as my head hits the keyboard, in a kind of  isndf\NRHB\FHBR\HZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ way. Yesterday was a particularly epic effort. … Continue reading

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The LWAT Summer Project 2015

Yes, it’s the summer holidays and, a couple of weeks in, I’m finally ready to announce the LWAT Summer Project. We are going to visit all 32 London boroughs. Obviously not all this month. That would be madness, especially given … Continue reading

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A Public Service Announcement

I know -I’m bursting out of my BlogMould and actually telling you useful and relevant information. Bear with me. Everyone and their wife knows that the top end of the Victoria Line is closed for 3 weeks this August, starting … Continue reading

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