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Don’t you hate those blog posts that are just strings of unconnected things in a rambling kinda way? Well, I’m not in love with writing them either but this week there seems to be SO much I need to share with you, dear readers that it’s just going to fall out in one big mess. Like when Eva has sweetcorn.

(Once again, this is mainly local interest so I won’t be offended if those of you in Japan or Uzbekistan skip on to the next post, where I talk about the museum of bathroom accessories or somesuch. Note to self: take Roo to B&Q sometime)

So, here are my FIVE fun snippets of news for the week:

1) What’s that? Heavenly hosts singing Hallelujah? Well, it could be carollers who still haven’t found their way off the estate but it could also be the angels rejoicing for they have FINALLY put lifts in at Vauxhall station. Imagine the possibilities! We could go to Kew Gardens! Or Reading! Or to the Clarks at Clapham Junction On The Train! It’s almost too exciting to be true. And it may well be, as I haven’t actually tried these lifts or indeed seen them. But they have a sign pointing to them, so they must be there! Hooray! (Platforms 3/4 and 5/6 only. What dya expect, a miracle?!)

2) They are also building a Waitrose next to Vauxhall station as well! I only have to pass 2 branches of Tesco and 1 Sainsburys to get there. And it’s only going to be a wee one. But still, I am excited. Picnics in Vauxhall Park will never be the same again!

And there’s also some kind of weird spiky metal thing being built next to the bus station:

3) The Ritzy in Brixton is starting something called “Toddler Time” on a Tuesday at 11am. They’re showing episodes of Peppa Pig and the like on the big screen for £3 a pop. I know I can watch it at home, but regular readers know that I like to get out and about occasionally. It’ll be a tight fit before nursery, but I am determined to check it out for you and report back. Starts 29th Jan

4) They are building something in Archbishops Park  I don’t know what it is. It’s wooden. It has wings. It looks like this:IMG-20130107-02169

Answers on a postcard. A shelter of some sort? Worthy of note anyway!

5) I know these are getting lamer but….I found Tomato Ketchup flavour Walkers crisps in A.P. Food Express on York Rd (just behind County Hall). They are just about my favourite crisp ever but not only did they have those, they also had Tomato Ketchup flavour Golden Wonder and Sizzling King Prawn McCoys! And a host of other exciting flavours. It’s an Aladdin’s cave of convenience foods. Given the choice of the whole crisp counter,  Reuben panicked and chose “Special K” (yes, the cereal) sour cream and onion crackers. By the time we were outside St Thomas’, he was pushing them away and saying “I don’t like zees”. To which I replied “I’m not surprised”. And in so many ways, I was unsurprised.

Oh, and just for kicks and giggles look at this sign:


Glad there is someone out there who still calls it the Millenium Wheel!

So that’s my exciting news round-up for the week. Promise I’ll have some more “normal” posts soon. Which way’s B&Q?

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