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The Girls – 26/05/17

Prepare to be emotionally ruined. I saw “The Girls” last night and sobbed and laughed all the way through it – sometimes both at the same time. It’s a wonderful show but oh, so heart-rending. I’ll put some context to … Continue reading

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Hanging Out on the South Bank

“I recognise this” said Eva as we climbed up the steps at the back of the Royal Festival Hall. “We’ve been here before” Why yes, lady. Like 10,000 times. Admittedly less since we’ve not been within walking distance but as … Continue reading

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Aftercare, not Afterthought: The Mumsnet Campaign for Better Postnatal Care

  It’s pretty unusual for me to share anything painful or personal on this blog – it’s more about sandpits and sarcasm round here. But Reuben’s nearly 8 and sooner or later I knew I’d write down what happened in … Continue reading

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Pack Your Bags…There’s So Much to Do

Yeah, yeah this was clearly a case of “Picture first, blog title later” but it’s a lame lead in to a big old list of entirely un-lame things to do over the next few weeks. Which, you’ll be shocked to … Continue reading

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Epping Forest Pub Walk – 01/05/17

So I get it, you’re just like me. Right? You wake up on a bank holiday Monday and go “I know what I want to do today. I want to drag an overhyped, overtired girl two miles through a forest … Continue reading

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