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Child-Free and Care-Free

I started writing this on Friday night, sitting on the Victoria Line. It was to be a post about the fun of going out and having fun in London, without my kids. 24 hours later, something happened to make this … Continue reading

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(Girls and) Boys Keep Swinging…

  No, not swinging in that sense. What’s wrong with you? Swing-dance-inspired fitness. Obviously. Get those minds out of the gutter. Let’s move on… It’s January 19th and so far I have been to two exercise classes this year. It’s … Continue reading

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A Bit of Shameless Self-Promotion….

I thought I’d do a little round up of things I’m involved in, just on the off-chance you are really bored this afternoon and/or have discovered the 24-hr Peppa Pig channel and would do just about anything to DROWN THIS … Continue reading

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London with a Tiddler

Yes, I’ve been hanging onto that post title for a long time. It was the brainchild of my friend Rufus’ Mum, who also invented the “Zoom zoom zoom” game. She’s a professional writer. You can tell, right? Reuben is now … Continue reading

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