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Are the holidays starting to drag yet? Or, like me, is it the 5-year-old that you’re dragging around the grotty alleys of Soho? Either way, you could probably do with some more ideas on things to do. So, I’ve seen some stuff on posters done hours of meticulous research and here are some lovely-sounding arts and crafts and fun:

Have you noticed that big spirally red thing at the Olympic Park? It’s called the ArcelorMittal Orbit and this summer they’re hosting arts and crafts activities for children, including Orbit hat making, where you can “Make a hat in the style of the ArcelorMittal Orbit” . Tell me you can resist that. The website is curiously reticent on the subject of ticket prices, but it obviously includes a nice view over London too.

Another East London-y thing I’ve yet to visit is the Craft Cabin in Chingford, which hosts daily craft activities. Also in Chingford this weekend, there’s the Chingford Big Weekender which features Sister Sledge on the Saturday and a fairground on the Sunday. It’s only meant to rain on one of those days, so get yourself down there!

I’m going to get off East London in a minute, honest. But before I do – how adorable is this corner shop made entirely out of felt in Bethnal Green? It’s like a sister of a friend of an imaginary friend that’s done it, so I’m totally involved. Honest.

Right, a moment for the biggies then. Tate Britain is running its “Open Studio” family workshops every Thursday- Sunday during the summer – it’s free, it’s drop-in and there’s a patchwork theme this summer. Also running family workshops is the Royal Academy, with one today and then next Wednesday. Their exhibitions are often quite fun for kids too. Don’t forget the Southbank’s Festival of Love, with such eclectic highlights as a kids’ beatboxing workshop with Shlomo (finishes today!) and the annual fake beach. If you’re really desperate for ideas, have a look at our Bucket and Spade List to see what we’re doing…

Of course, if none of that appeals, just strip off and run jump in a paddling pool naked. And then let the kids do the same…

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  1. Rachel says:

    Chris took little boy to the beatboxing workshop, was brilliant by all accounts!

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