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So, you’ve got the giant flat screen plugged in, the suite of furniture is arranged nicely around it and the sound system is set up and ready to roll. After setting up the living room of your dreams and creating an environment where you and your family can relax and spend time together, you need to think about what exactly you’re going to be watching together on that screen.

There are a huge amount of choices out there and big bundles of options choices and preferences to have a look at. With so many great entertainment packages it can be overwhelming trying to choose the best option for your family. There are a number of things that you need to consider when you are trying to choose the best family entertainment package.

  1. Do you have kids?
    First thing you’ll need to consider is the age range of your family. If you have kids under the age of ten for example, then you’ll definitely want to look into getting some kids channels to keep them entertained. There are bucket loads of children’s TV channels to choose from such as Nickelodeon, the Disney Channel, Bloomerang and the Cartoon Network, to name just a few. Packages such as the Big Kahuna bundle from Virgin Media include a lot of these channels within their 230+ channels.
  2. Are you a sports fan?
    For all those sports fans out there, you need to have access to the latest games, races and sporting events. You’ll also want to stay up to date with all the latest sports news. Sitting down to watch the big game at the weekend, enjoying huge sporting gigs such as the Olympics and the World Cup, are all occasions that families and friends come together over. Virgin’s Big Kahuna deal includes Sky Sports News, Liverpool FC TV, British Eurosport 1 and 2, as well as BT Sport 1 and 2 as standard to keep all you sports fans happy.
  3. Any movie buffs in the house?
    Sitting in and watching a movie is a great night in. Plus having some great movies to choose from means you save money on heading out to the cinema, which is becoming a more expensive evening out. Choose a big bundle package that includes plenty of movie channels or add on a few extras and get that popcorn popping!
  4. Are you using a Smart TV?
    TV technology is developing at an alarming rate. Smart TVs connect up to the Internet to allow you to stream movies or TV shows right there on your TV. Services such as Netflix offer their customers a new way of viewing TV and offer a huge choice of TV shows and films to choose from. Virgin’s Big Kahuna bundle gives you an impressive 152MB of fibre optic broadband connectivity for you to fully utilise your Smart TV.
  5. Do you watch much TV?
    Finally, you should be truthful with yourself about how much TV you and your family actually watch and choose a package based on that. Virgin Media have four big bundles to choose from to suit every level of use.

There you have it, five questions you need to ask to help you choose the best family entertainment package for you and your family. Be honest with yourself and choose wisely.

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