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Tree Fu Winner Announced!!

Hello readers and apologies for the lateness of this post. It’s been a crazy kind of week, and not in a fun way…more in that sleep-regressive way that makes you contemplate calling the local wolf-pack and asking them to take … Continue reading

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Tree Fu Tom Winners announced…and some LWAT news

Oh, it’s all going on around here. After a heady night of playing Carcassonne and eating crisps, I’m bringing you some exciting news…remember a while back, I blogged on TfL’s campaign that seemed to pit wheelchair users against buggies? Well, … Continue reading

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Half-Term Competition Time! Win Tree Fu Tom Goodies!

  It’s time for some Big World Magic. I may have mentioned before that Tree Fu Tom Live is coming to Westfields London and Stratford over half term (London on 20th Feb, Stratford 21st Feb) and we have VIP passes … Continue reading

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CBeebies Premiere – 27/10/13

This morning was an exciting one. A boy and a girl left a cinema on Regent St giddy, giggling and excited after some close celebrity encounters. That was me and Nathan, but Reuben was pretty hyped too. It was all … Continue reading

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Tree Fu Tom Magazine – A Review

I like surprises. Most of the time anyway. Not the kind of “bath surprises” Eva likes to leave for her brother but nice surprises, yes. And this was the nice kind of surprise. My mind has been a bit…busy of … Continue reading

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Tree Fu Go!

I attempted to “live-blog” this, but sadly, the non-wonders of CrapBerry meant I couldn’t. Ah well, here’s what would have been a live account of our meeting with Tree Fu Tom… Well, this is exciting for you all. I’m live-blogging … Continue reading

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