Tree Fu Go!


I attempted to “live-blog” this, but sadly, the non-wonders of CrapBerry meant I couldn’t. Ah well, here’s what would have been a live account of our meeting with Tree Fu Tom…

Well, this is exciting for you all. I’m live-blogging (I’m not, sorry) from the 4th floor of John Lewis as Sophie Aldred reads Tree Fu Tom stories to a crowd of preschoolers. It’s snowy outside but it’s ever so warm in here. Perhaps too warm.

We’ve turned our magic on – Roo enthusiastically jumped up and did all the moves. He still can’t “strike a pose” without falling over, but that’s just funny.  Now we’re listening to a story, read by voice-of-Tom Sophie while a larger-than-life Tom acts it out next to her. Roo wasn’t keen to sit down, but he seems to be enjoying it now.  At the end of the story, there was an opportunity to come and hug Tom, which Roo did very happily

That’s one of the fun things about London – characters from CBeebies seems to turn up every so often. And people who used to be in Dr Who! I’m only disappointed that David Tennant isn’t here…. But it’s lots of fun and you should definitely come and catch Tom next time he comes to London..

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  2. There’d have been a lot of very excited women if David Tennant had turned up. He’s yum

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