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The Best Most Awful Job

This probably isn’t the week to be reading about motherhood. The secondary school offers came out and, inexplicably, one of them had Pippin’s name on it. The toddler is toddling off to big school. So it’s no surprise that this … Continue reading

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Aftercare, not Afterthought: The Mumsnet Campaign for Better Postnatal Care

  It’s pretty unusual for me to share anything painful or personal on this blog – it’s more about sandpits and sarcasm round here. But Reuben’s nearly 8 and sooner or later I knew I’d write down what happened in … Continue reading

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The Last Summer of Baby Swings

Today is the first sunny after school of the year. We went to the park,  along with every other child in a 5 mile radius, and Eva asked to go on the baby swing. As I levered her in,  I … Continue reading

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A Post-Baby Social Life Part 2

Last week I went to a gig with my husband. Nothing unusual you might think but it’s kind of a rarity since we’ve had kids. By the time we’ve bought tickets and drinks and paid the babysitter we’re looking at … Continue reading

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Baby Regrets, 6 Years On

This evening, because I know how to party really hard, I’ve been clearing through the inbox of the babyledweaning.com Facebook page, of which I am a mostly absent admin. I’ve been steadily ignoring the messages building up there for months but … Continue reading

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I’m Trying to Be the Best Mother I Can Right Now – A Mother’s Day Reflection

  It’s Mother’s Day soon. You’d be forgiven for not knowing if you haven’t switched on the TV or stepped inside a branch of Tesco lately. If you have stepped inside a branch of Tesco, you might have spotted that … Continue reading

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10 Ways that Recruitment is the Perfect Practice for Parenthood

You may not know this about me but, immediately pre-Reuben, I used to be a recruitment consultant. It was fun for a while and – I realised while cooking dinner – just the perfect preparation for parenthood. I’ll explain: 1) … Continue reading

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