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Aftercare, not Afterthought: The Mumsnet Campaign for Better Postnatal Care

  It’s pretty unusual for me to share anything painful or personal on this blog – it’s more about sandpits and sarcasm round here. But Reuben’s nearly 8 and sooner or later I knew I’d write down what happened in … Continue reading

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The Last Summer of Baby Swings

Today is the first sunny after school of the year. We went to the park,  along with every other child in a 5 mile radius, and Eva asked to go on the baby swing. As I levered her in,  I … Continue reading

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A Post-Baby Social Life Part 2

Last week I went to a gig with my husband. Nothing unusual you might think but it’s kind of a rarity since we’ve had kids. By the time we’ve bought tickets and drinks and paid the babysitter we’re looking at … Continue reading

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Baby Regrets, 6 Years On

This evening, because I know how to party really hard, I’ve been clearing through the inbox of the babyledweaning.com Facebook page, of which I am a mostly absent admin. I’ve been steadily ignoring the messages building up there for months but … Continue reading

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I’m Trying to Be the Best Mother I Can Right Now – A Mother’s Day Reflection

  It’s Mother’s Day soon. You’d be forgiven for not knowing if you haven’t switched on the TV or stepped inside a branch of Tesco lately. If you have stepped inside a branch of Tesco, you might have spotted that … Continue reading

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10 Ways that Recruitment is the Perfect Practice for Parenthood

You may not know this about me but, immediately pre-Reuben, I used to be a recruitment consultant. It was fun for a while and – I realised while cooking dinner – just the perfect preparation for parenthood. I’ll explain: 1) … Continue reading

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