Kitchener Park – 05/08/20

You know when you visit somewhere in your dreams and then, years later, try to find it in real life? Well, that’s what I thought Kitchener Park was like. Somewhere I dreamt up years ago that doesn’t exist. Certainly, Google Maps didn’t have any sign of a large park with a zip wire that sat on the edge of the North Circular but still, I was sure it was there. We’d been there once, six years ago. It was the first weekend after we’d moved to Highams Park and we remembered the park from househunting in Walthamstow. Why so many years elapsed between then and now I don’t know, but it felt like the right time to revisit. After all, we had spent a lot of time within a mile radius of the house these last few months, so why not take that mile to the south for once?

Maybe it’s because a walk over the North Circular isn’t everyone’s idea of a nice stroll. You can get some great pics on a Good Sky Day like yesterday tho:

Plus, it turns out I was right – the park was exactly where I had left it. We walked down Wadham Road, over the footbridge and the entrance was a small gate right next to the steps down:

There was a large field, which had a couple of dogs running about in it…this makes it an official Doggyfneria in the family venacular and dogspotting is one of our favourite hobbies. Then next to that was an equallhy large park. Sadly the zip wire was out of use but there was a climbing wall, with spider web climbing frame:


Roo didn’t go on it because he doesn’t like spiders but I’m sure other kids would like it.

There were also those roundabout swings and giant net swings…more than enough to keep a bigger kid happy. It would have been better if the zip wire had been in operation but still, I’m pretty pleased with our find. It was also very sparsely populated for such a gloriously sunny day…and if These Times, sparsely populated is good.

So, basically don’t go telling everyone about it….OK?

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