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Once again, this is not a sponsored post. I’m plugging SwingTrain from the goodness of my heart and the hope that enough people will sign up to keep my particular class viable. I’m not getting paid or any freebies, though I did get offered a complimentary extra round of charleston squats on my birthday. I politely declined.

Point being, my opinion is honest and unbiased. But also, it’s a one-off so other brands..don’t get any ideas.

The Bishopsgate 6-week course has come to an end and another one is starting on 9th March (booking link here).  That meant I had today off and I really missed my morning class. It breaks up the week, skipping out of the house without the children and going to prance around a studio doing jazz hands. Over the 6 weeks I’m not going to say I’ve mastered the routines but at least I have a fair idea of what’s coming up next. I even taught Eva a bit of charleston. Look:

SwingTrain is friendly for even the chronically unfit and unco-ordinated. Which means me, obviously. If you work in the city you should come and join us – it’s such a happy way to start your day. And there are even showers in the changing room next door so you don’t have to go to work sweaty. My colleagues are grateful for that.


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