Food Blogging, LWAT-style – Fruit Skewers


One of the comments I often* get on the blog goes something like this: “Hey Kate, your kids seem to exist on a diet of Chicken McNuggets and Kinder Eggs. You should really get into food blogging, so that you can inspire other parents to reach those culinary heights too”. Well, readers you asked** and here it is – Fruit Skewers, LWAT-style.

We have school to blame for this. Reuben is doing Healthy Eating as his Topic, so spent half term preachily asking his cousins how much fat and sugar they’d had in their  breakfast. Now, he’s been told to make a recipe book, so naturally he wanted to try a recipe out – and what could be simpler than fruit skewers?

Err, a lot of things? Allow me to give you a few tips.

1) Buy the fruit from the supermarket just before you plan to do this. That’ll ensure the pears and the mango are so unripe that you’d need a screwdriver to get them onto the skewers.


2) Don’t buy skewers. You can improv with stuff you have at home, right? School said dry spaghetti would work

3) Give the kids knives


4) Make sure the fruit is all super-touched by the preschooler. It won’t get manhandled enough during the manufacturing process, so get her to really stick her fingers in it.


5) No really, you can improv. Like when you find that the spaghetti keeps snapping and the straws are too bendy. Ta-da…spaghetti within a straw!


6) Make sure the knives are blunt. That’s gonna be one messed up pear.


7) Make sure the preschooler chops directly onto the table. That’s going to add to the flavour.

8) Take photos, so your phone can get sticky as well


9) Marvel at how beautiful the finished product is


10) At no point should you realise that the fruit would taste better about three food-preparation steps ago, and with no little bits of dry spaghetti stuck in it. That’s just loser talk.






**you didn’t

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  1. Lucy says:

    Ha! This made me laugh all the more because it appeared above a (serious) post entitled ‘food blogging – favourite advice’ in my WordPress feed. Making biscuits with a toddler was similarly successful…

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