Some Fun Things to Do this Month

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November is a bit of a dull month, isn’t it? It’s kinda the void before Christmas where you have to make your own fun, whether that’s growing a moustache or finding new and exciting places to throw up (Ah, the heady Novembers of ’08 and’11). But obviously, it’s the month for fireworks as well, and LBC have kindly compiled a list of the best displays to go to.  We were planning on going to Walthamstow tonight, but a combination of cough and funny tummy from Eva have somewhat put a dampener on that. And a dampener on some other objects around the house too, but you don’t need to know about those. Anyway, we may still make it to the Coram’s Fields display, which was much fun in previous years – it’s on this Friday at 5.

What else to do once the whizz-bangs have faded though? Well, you could pop to Camden on Sunday for the EDFSS’ Family Barn Dance. Some of you might think that me plugging this is the most literal form of nepotism possible but it looks fun, so you should check it out. You remember how to dosey-do from school, right?

And for any of my readers in the Midlands, I’ve had word of a very exciting event happening on 28th November at the National Space Centre in Leicester. It’s a Q Pootle 5 day! Q Pootle himself will be making an appearance, alongside creator Nick Butterworth and there will be lots of space-themed fun.

Of course, THE event of the month is me and Bob jumping into a cold pond. Don’t forget to sponsor us!

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