LolliBop Line Up Announced! (And some other bits of news)

IMG-20120819-00947It’s the news that all of you have been waiting for….the full LolliBop line-up has been released! I remember well this nervous waiting from when they announced the Reading line up every year, and in 1999 my (now) brother-in-law made me guess who was playing through the medium of mime. I’m not going to make you guess, but here are a few prime picks….

Headlining on Friday only is the ever-cool Easy Crew, featuring Rastamouse (and Scratchy and Zoomer….crime fighters, they’re very special agents….am I getting carried away?). It’s only a small exaggeration to say that a Rastmouse CD changed my DJ friend’s life. And you can see those reggae mice in action on Friday.

The headliner for Saturday and Sunday is Justin Fletcher. Now, I’m not the world’s biggest Justin fan, but you can’t deny the kids go wild for his wacky antics…Prepare for your toddler to get hyped up!

And then there’s that lovable piggy Peppa, who will be visiting with her brother George. I think Reuben tends to side with George, when it comes to dine-saw related matters, so we’ll try and track them down and get a photo of Roo and George together.

So, those are the highlights for the preschooler audience, but there is much much more, including Skylanders, Dick and Dom, Cloudbabies, Science Museum, Shaun the Sheep and Mr Men and Little Miss. Last time I looked, Early Bird tickets were about to sell out, but there are more deals to come. Visit the official site for more infoIMG-20120819-00934So, what else is news? Well, LWAT is coming up to 2 VERY exciting milestones, and to celebrate we’re having a race! Nathan and I will take a child each and a branch of the Northern Line each, and race, overland from Euston to Kennington. You can track our progress live on the Facebook event…assuming that CrapBerry holds out for an hour or so.

And the last bit of news…? Well, if you’ve ever wondered whether we have arguments in the LWAT house and what we look like when we do argue, check this out. You’ll also find out what happens if you argue in front of, or slightly behind, your baby..

Bis bald alles!


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