Things to do in London over the Easter Holidays


Blimey, that was a short half-term, wasn’t it? Easter hols are suddenly on us and with them two weeks of preschooler-boredom to fill. Still, there’s lots out there to do and we intend to do some of it. As should you.

Starting 8th April, the British Museum are running activities on Ice Age Animals -lions, reindeer and mammoths. Reuben is currently dragging an imaginary reindeer called “Chair” around with him wherever we go, so I think that might be a good one for him to go to. The ever-reliable Horniman Museum is also running art activities over the holidays and the Tate Modern is doing workshops for older kids on Thursdays and Fridays over Easter.

Meanwhile, the Cinema Museum in Kennington is showing “Saturday Morning Pictures” on 6th April, which is meant to be a family-friendly vintage screening. The Museum of London has a calendar of family events over Easter, including the intriguing sounding “Musical London” and the Museum of Childhood has an “Oranges and Lemons” themed event with Beau Belle. And don’t forget that “Tiger Territory” is now open at London Zoo!

Is that enough for you? Go and enjoy!

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