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I seem to be doing a lot of these kind of updates at the moment. If you’re an infrequent visitor to London, it probably isn’t interesting and please accept my apologies. If you’re a resident of SE11, it probably is interesting, and I accept your large boxes of chocolates. Anyway, I have two things to tell you.

Firstly, the lovely Nathan went and got me some pictures of the new playground at Victoria Tower Gardens. It wasn’t his primary mission – that’s a whole other story – but he thought he’d take some while he was passing. And here they are:

play1 play2The long snake-y thing seems to be some kind of water feature, as it has a hose coming out of one end. I love a bit of water play, so it’ll be nice to have somewhere that’s just over Lambeth Bridge from us. There’s also a slide and a tyre swing (not, as Eva’s godmother thought, a giant seesaw. Thanks to Nathan for these. You’re my best reader!


The other thing is that Crazy Chimps (top and above) is now officially open and, perhaps in response to the feedback on the prices, they are offering all customers 30% off until the end of May. That takes the price for me, Roo and Eva down to £8.12 off-peak (until Eva turns 1 in two weeks but I’m in extreme denial about that), so we may well visit and report on the new baby apparatus and the other improvements they’ve made since the launch.

So, that is the news for today. Hopefully some more interesting posts coming soon….

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