A paddling pool special

Cynical, moi? That’s what I ask myself as I look at my search engine terms (“paddling pools in London”), then decide to write a post based on that exact thing. I like to think of it as less cynical, more “giving the people what they want.”

So, it’s gonna be a hot weekend and when it’s hot, the people cry out for water play! OK, people….here’s a list of 6 places you can cool down this weekend:

1) Hampstead Heath

Yes, it’s got those wild pools where crazy people like to swim, but it’s also got a very blue and lovely paddling pool. Swimwear only in the pool – no nappies.

2) Coram’s Fields

A LWAT favourite for many reasons, but its fountain is switched on at lunchtime on sunny days, and there’s the infamous sand-and-water play area too. Bring a change of clothes.

3) Causton St Playground

Another LWAT favourite – paddling pool, sandpit, only one exit…what’s not to love?

4) Diana Memorial Fountain

The website says no walking on the fountain, but on a sunny day you’ll find lots of people doing just that. Be sure not to bring a bucket of pimms or a gazebo with you.

5) Myatt’s Fields

Newly renovated water play area, in the middle of a playground. Bring waterproof shoes, as the ground gets boiling and transition from water area to playground can be painful

6) Brockwell Park

Also newly renovated sand and water play area. Playground also newly renovated but a little walk away.

Why not check my Google Map to see where they all are?

Missing from the list cause I just haven’t had enough sunny days to visit them recently (and I would never blog from hazy memory. Noooo………): Clapham Common, Ruskin Park, Diana Memorial Playground, Clissold Park, Somerset House, Southwark Park….all to come soon, honest! Although I did dig out this adorable photo of Roo at a year-ish playing in the water at Southwark Park. I want an “Awwwww…..”

And then a “Doh!” as we all realise that I lost his soggy clothes on the way home. After we’d only gone there to buy some new trainers from Decathlon to replace one I lost. Blast and double blast…..

Update: I’ve made a paddling pool map! Check it out! I’ve also got round to reviewing Ruskin Park and the Diana Memorial Playground

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