The Al Fresco Choir Rehearsal Starter Kit

I’ve been complaining non-stop about the lack of choir action for a year now so it seems only right that I share what we’ve been up to lately. Yes, we’ve been able to sing! Only in a group of 6 and only outside but hey, it’s better than Zoom.

And while we’re sharing, I thought I’d also show you a picture of my outdoor rehearsal starter kit. There is a lot of it but I like to be massively overprepared. This is what I’m packing nowadays:

  • A thermos – a hot drink is good for the vocal chords and for warming yourself off once the sun goes down. My current fave is Turkish apple tea.
  • Chairs – one of our outdoor spaces doesn’t have any seating and some choirsters can’t stand for long periods of time. Not that any of our rehearsals are exactly *long* anymore but you know what I mean. I’ve been carrying wooden foldable ones around but I saw today in Tesco they were selling camping chairs 2 for £12, so I think I might be upgrading to something a bit more space age soon.
  • Foldable music stand – I found this little wonder on Amazon and it’s great. Packs down really small but is solid when it’s put together and even comes with clips and a little rope light that fits on the top.
  • Ukulele –  with such limited numbers and big open spaces, singing can feel quite exposing. Although we’ve always sung a capella, I’ve found that taking a uke or guitar helps fill in the sound a bit
  • Jumper – essential for when it gets properly chilly on the way home (or any time after 9ish)
  • All the usual Covid-era supplies – antibac wipes, gloves, antibac spray, hand sanitizer,  face mask. Not that you need a face mask for singing outside but it does keep your nose warm in between songs
  • Music in individual plastic wallets  – means you can pack them in advance for minimal handling
  • Electric Tea lights – for atmosphere and being able to see the sheet music when it gets dark
  • A shopping trolley to carry at least some of this stuff

One day we’ll be back inside…maybe even one day soon. But till then…wrap up warm and pack anything but light…!


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