Virtual Theatre To Keep Your Spirits Up

This whole thing is dragging on a bit now, isn’t it? The sunshine’s gone away, there’s no end in sight and everyone is sick of each other. So it’s lucky that two of our favourite theatres are premiering new online content this weekend, to keep us going through the gloom.

Firstly, Chickenshed are sharing their 2017 show “Blowing in the Wind“. It’s a powerful piece that takes Martin Luther King’s famous speech as a jumping-off point to explore civil rights and the struggles of marginalised communities. It’s more relevant than ever now, against the backdrop of the recent Black Lives Matter protest and I’d urge you to take some time to watch it. It’s one for older kids and adults, due to some thought-provoking issues but the Chickenshed Online YouTube channel has tonnes of other content on it too.

Then on Sunday, Little Angel are premiering a new show for children, called “Don’t Worry Little Crab”. It’ll be on their YouTube channel, which is filling up with other delights for little ones, so do have a look over the weekend if they’re getting restless.

One day, we’ll be watching theatre IRL together again but until then, enjoy these online treats!

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