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I haven’t blogged much recently. It’s hard to know why that is, given that this is a blog about being out and about around London and I’ve been out and about loads. I know I have because I got my Google Maps “Month in Review” e-mail today and it showed trips to at least three different convenience stores in the Highams Park area, sometimes with as little as three days in between outings. Somebody stop me.

Because yes, we are still home. It’s getting hard to tell when all the papers have been so positive this week:

Boris Johnson promises 'maximum caution' in easing Covid-19 ...

but it doesn’t seem like any kind of real ending is in sight. So, what have we been up to in the last 50 days?

Well, there has been a lot of work. And the kids have spent hours on screens. We still aren’t homeschooling, despite pressures from pretty much every direction. Roo continues to self-school and Eva is unschooling. That’s pretty much the best we can hope for in these times.

But there have been some positives. Our food waste is down and our laundry basket is under control. I cleared out a cupboard and Nathan started clearing a path behind the shed, which Eva promptly got herself stuck in. We’re eating more fruit and vegetables because I’m having to do more frequent shops due to lack of delivery slots…..but on the flip side, I’m also consuming way more chocolate and Coke Zero. I’m still doing SwingTrain online and have been recording lots of silly songs about being in lockdown. You can hear them here if you want:

But the weeks drag and while we’re very grateful to be surviving a pandemic, it doesn’t feel like much more than surviving. And when bad things hit, which they have done, it’s really, really tough going to have to cope with them without the support of the community.

So if you’re feeling similarly, you are not alone. We all go through a sine wave of coping/not coping, sometimes on a daily basis. It might be starting to feel like normality but it’s still a crisis. It’s OK to feel lost and anxious. We all know why we’re doing this but it doesn’t always make it easier to do. All we can do is sit tight and wait for this thing to finally blow over.


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