Another Summer Round Up


You might have discerned by now that I have a Significant Number blog post coming up. That’s why I’ve been posting like a mad lady this week. And yes, indeed post 500 is brewing…and we’re off out tomorrow to do something for it. You’ll see.

But in the mean time, here’s some other fun stuff we’ve done at random points over the summer.


There was a trip to the Southbank Centre, which is sporting some lovely new artwork and some quirky benches as part of the Festival of Love. I had a horrible cold coming on that day so was cheerful enough through a coffee and lunch with an old friend, but was feeling pretty rotten by the time I met up with the long-suffering C’sMum. Someone arguing with us over the number of chairs we needed and me flinging my cold meds over the balcony onto the heads of the dancers below…well, none of that helped my mood. But we had some fun that day! It was tipping it down all morning but it didn’t stop the kids enjoying the fountains in swimwear and wellies:


Now, there was a small logical flaw here – the wellies were to stop them slipping up on the wet fountain base but I forgot that they didn’t have spare shoes so they had to wear soggy wellies all the way home. Ho hum, live and learn. Now, who can spot the child in this photo?:


I swear there’s one in there somewhere.

So, what else? Well, there was a spontaneous brunch with Holly and family at Bill’s in Brewer Street. The prices are reasonable, the pots of tea massive and the waiters have luxuriant hipster beards. One child had a pancake the size of his head. Literally. And my pancakes looked pretty darn tasty too:


Then there was a trip to Memorial Park in Chingford, which had some new and shiny play equipment. In the journalistic accuracy you’ve come to expect from this blog, I remember very little about it. I  did get one photo of the kids on a seesaw thing though:


Woh now Reuben, that is scarily high. Oh look, here’s a photo where you can actually see some of the play equipment in the background.



It was followed by a lovely lunch at La Rocca where they had a good kids’ menu and brought out colouring sheets for us. Of course J&J&A had brought their own hipster colouring book, but clearly the La Rocca staff deemed this unworthy. Their version had way more bunnies in it.


Another trip out was to King Henry’s Walk Garden in Islington. It’s a community garden which opens up to the public on a Sunday and we went there for a very pleasant post-church picnic. There’s a beautiful flower garden, and a wild wood bit at the back with a beehive and a big hotel. It was an unexpected little oasis just off Balls Pond Rd and the children enjoyed helping to water the plants and follow the nature trails.


I believe Nathan has taken the younger LWATs out a few times without me too. They went to the reconfigured dinosaur exhibition at the NHM:


And I believe I mentioned it before, but Nathan and Eva had a bit of a Daddy-daughter date at Oh My! in Chingford:

sum9 sum10

Cuteness! So that’s you all caught up and post 499 done….watch this space for post 500!

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