Millie May’s – 13/02/16


It has been a busy week. The children are staying at the grandparents’ and Nathan and I have been living it up, childfree style. I’ve got so many things to blog about and they will all be achingly smug. There should be a word for smug blogging – “smogging”? First though, let’s rewind to before we left those kids in a car park in Whitton and a trip out to Toys R Us on Saturday. Yes, we wanted them to remember how lovely Mummy and Daddy were before we threw them out of a moving car on the A316.  Also, Eva had managed 39 marbles’ worth of good behaviour (I think we lost one under the piano) and Roo had a tearily good school report so they deserved a toy or two.


Pity Eva was so overwhelmed by the Princess Tat aisle that she couldn’t even speak, let alone narrow it down to one piece of tat. She got so confused that I got away with spending just £12.99 on this rather overpriced Ariel doll:



Roo scored a Hawkeye costume. I think he won.

“But wait”, I hear you say. “Where is the prettily-clothed table that Ariel is perching on?” Well, ask no more. It’s in the title. It’s Millie May’s Cafe in Chingford. It’s where I’m having my birthday gathering very soon, so I thought I should at least go and see what it’s like. It was mine and Nathan’s treat after braving Toys R Us and trust me, we needed it.


It’s a nice space, is Mille May’s. There’s a little play area at the back and a garden that I assume would be open in nicer weather than the sleety-rain of Saturday. The kids ate pombears and played with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while I nursed a cup of Red Berry tea. I was full of cold, ysee. Any spare sympathy  you have is very welcome.

I also had some rather lovely Red Velvet cake. It’s always good when your cake and your tea match:


Sadly, nice as it was to have a sit down, I really wasn’t feeling amazing and Nathan and I had a full week of rock n roll ahead of us. So, it was a short stay and I went home to have a nap. But we will be back very soon and then maybe I can relax and enjoy a bit more.


One thing to note is that Millie May’s doesn’t take card, so make sure to bring cash with you. As ever, I’m a big supporter of local, toddler-friendly cafes and I’d encourage you to go and check it out if you’re in the area. And, on that note don’t forget to enter our Pantry & Co giveaway. It ends tomorrow!


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