May Half Term Preview


I had a crazy revelation today.  I’ve been feeling like I’m losing my mind because how could it be nearly half term already when I swear it was just Easter? Is it time speeding up as I age towards an inevitable decline?  Have the weeks become days and the days become hours?

No. It’s just been a really short half term. Tomorrow it’ll have been a month since Roo started back at school after Easter. And thanks to bank holidays, school trips, election days and stomach bugs he’s actually been at school for just 19 days.One of which was Sports Day. So I’m not going mad, and it’s amazing I’ve got any work done at all, quite frankly.

So, if you feel like I feel I’ve got the antidote. Actually, I don’t have any antidotes. Maybe an anecdote, if you’re lucky. What I do have is some fun ideas for filling half term up so that before you know it, they’re back at school.

To start off, let’s try and answer an eternal question. Where’s Wally? Turns out he’s at the ArcelorMittal Orbit– that red squiggly thing in the Olympic Park which is no friend to people who don’t like spelling. They are running a special event all through half term – from 23rd-30th May –  in conjunction with the very wonderful Discover Centre. There will be games and activities every afternoon from 12 to 4 and if you dress as Wally you get in for just a pound! Beware though – there are strict “minimum costume requirements” of a red stripy t-shirt, Wally glasses, blue trousers and a hat. If you don’t already own those items, that could be a bit of a false economy…

For those of you who have actual toddlers about the place, I’ve heard great things about Planeta Ka down at the Unicorn Theatre in Southwark. It’s an interactive theatre show about some aliens landing and discovering a new world. It’s very touchy feely and suitable for 1-3s. Of course, if all your children are under 3 then things like half terms are probably not yet on your spaceship’s radar. But what the heck, let’s shoehorn it in there anyway. Slick this is not.

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Fun for all the family next, with a free street theatre show in Walthamstow. “Walthamstow Firsts” is an open air performance from Slap Haddock, the people who brought you the very silly but very enjoyable “Night at the Pictures“. Celebrating Walthamstow’s heritage as the birthplace of Andrex, they’ll be setting out their stall in the Town Square, along with the rest of Europe’s longest street market (fact, factfans!). And yes, that’s a literal stall. Catch them there between 27th and 30th May, 11-3.

I have given this next event a few plugs but never managed to actual turn up…until now! It’s the third outing of IndieTots in Peckham and I can’t wait to mooch around, gazing at my shoes and explaining to Reuben what an “arab strap” is. Join us!

And if none of this tickles your fancy, you know there’s the old reliables – the Science Museum, Horniman Museum and Natural History Museum are all running family activities over half term. Or just enjoy the inevitable rain guaranteed sunshine in our of London’s glorious parks. Bring waterproofs suncream….

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