Some Playground Love

It’s been a busy week. To quote “Walking Through the Jungle” we have been around the world and back. As long as you take “world” to mean South London. And look what we have seen…

GOATLOBVEYes, it’s some goat-on-goat action at Coram’s Fields. “There are two goats fighting” chirped Reuben and his little friends Thomas and C. Well, kinda. But it’s the kind of fighting that requires some privacy so we left them to it.

So, what did we do that won’t forever blight my search terms? Well, today we went to Orpington. Not really much to report back there, as we just went to our friend’s house where Roo played with “puzzles and bears”. On the way back, a fortuitous meeting with H’sMama led to a trip to the Tea House and the new playground next to it. These photos are actually from a previous visit, but I’ve been saving them for you:

IMG-20130808-00113 IMG-20130808-00111 IMG-20130808-00116Top tip from that visit – if you go to a park that’s natural brown and green colours, don’t also dress the boy in natural brown and green colours. You may well lose him.
But what a lovely small park in the middle of a load of estates, hey? The whole Vauxhall Walk area is getting a makeover, so expect more updates soon.


On Wednesday, we went to New Cross, to Fordham park with is also newish and natural-y. There are two areas – this is the one for bigger kids:


IMG-20130814-00142And this is the smaller one:

IMG-20130814-00144 IMG-20130814-00146

It’s covered in sand, most of which Reuben took home in his hairline, and Eva enjoyed showing off her new owl t-shirt, purchased at the Gap near Coram’s Fields. Which brings us back round to the goats.  I decided that Coram’s was long overdue for some new photos, but as it happened I only got three. One was with the frisky goats. And here’s one of Eva that could, quite frankly, have been taken anywhere:

IMG-20130813-00131And here’s Roo and Thomas looking serious.

IMG-20130813-00133_1Tomorrow we’re off to LolliBop, so I’ll leave you with a video of what may be the world’s most excited 4-year-old:

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  1. mariamadeit says:

    They do look serious… What were they planning?

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