Where to live with a toddler in London pt 4 – Hackney


Hackney may not be the most obvious place to live with small children, being more associated with hipsters and struggling musicians. But there is a growing community of parents, some of them still hipsters and struggling musicians, and the area is becoming less shabby, more chic. The sharp contrast with neighbouring Islington is softening as more middle-class types move in for brunch at Broadway Market and kids theatre at the Hackney Empire.

So, what’s there to do there?

The nearest big park – Victoria Park – has recently had a new playground, which is all wooden and sponsored by the V&A. Also sponsored by the V&A in the area is the Museum of Childhood, close by in Bethnal Green. In the heart of Hackney itself, you’ll also find London Fields, with a child-friendly pub and a big playground much beloved by hipster dads.

What do the locals say?

Check out @MumsnetHackney for some top local tips

Connections to Central London

Overland (various stations)

Night bus N38 and N55


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  1. Museum of Childhood reminds me of my childhood! Hackney is fast outgrowing it’s reputation, it’s much nicer than it used to be!

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