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The title says it all really…this is a post that I’ve been meaning to write since Christmas but, yknow, life and meth labs got in the way. Essentially, it’s me bragging about what amazing Christmas presents I bought my husband and kids and telling you where you can buy similar, to emulate my amazingness.

So, what prompted me to write this post today? Well, Nathan sought to emulate my amazingness…and won. A birthday present turned up today that was pure awesomeness but I’ll start from the beginning so you can truly understand it all.

Nathan loves 2000AD and in particular, the superhero Zenith. So I commissioned artist Joe Gatford, the husband of a weaner friend, to create a piece for me and here it is with one happy geek on Christmas morning. Look how well his t-shirt co-incidentally matches!


Apparently I vaguely mentioned that I would like something similar for my birthday…and what did his get me? Only the most freaking awesome portrait ever!


…and a pack of baby wipes, natch.

They match beautifully. Wanna see them together? Of course you do!



While we’re on Nathan’s Christmas pressies, here’s another beauty. Years ago, Nathan met Mark Morriss of the Bluetones and he’s carried this around in his wallet ever since:



So when I noticed that Mark was selling handwritten lyrics on Facebook, I couldn’t resist. I sneakily asked Nathan what his favourite Bluetones song was and then I totally un-sneakily got it delivered to our old house and had to enlist Auntie Savage’s help to go and retrieve it. It was a little after Christmas that it arrived but it was worth the wait:


“With love and thanks”- isn’t he like the nicest pop star ever?

And that brings us onto my last recommendation – the kids’ Christmas presents from Nathan and I. As you may have noticed, Reuben is *still* in that superhero phase, so what better than his own Reuben 2000 cape from Crafty Kilner?


Designed to his own specific specifications (again, I found out sneakily), it’s made beautifully and swishes well in the wind. Of course, Eva 2000 is not one to be left out. Here she is, modelling her cape at a bus stop in Hackney Downs just last Sunday:


Martha of Crafty Kilner is a friend of mine and, like Joe, quite sickeningly talented. Have a look at her website for other crafty goodness.

Why yes, I did do well on present-buying this Christmas even if it took me seven weeks to write about it. Order now in time for next Christmas!


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