Goodbye to Kennington


You may have heard the rumours. You probably haven’t heard the rumours. There are no rumours. But if there were, they would probably be something along the lines of how us diehard South Londoners are moving to the far North-East….the land of Almost Essex. And those rumours would be true. On Monday, we turn our backs on 14-ish years of South Londondom and become those North of the River types who are always complaining about having too many tube stations and how Forest Hill is halfway to France. You may want to unsubscribe. I won’t blame you.  But truth is, I have blogged Kennington and its surrounds pretty dry and am looking forward to discovering the delights of the Leyton Leisure Lagoon. But before we go, I’ve saved  a few special pictures of our wonderful K-Town….a fabulous prize* for anyone who knows where they were all taken.

And there’s more. There’s a song. I’ll let it speak for itself. Goodbye Kennington…

*There are no prizes. The prizes are packed.








And just in case you think I’m overselling it, here’s Ducky Park…


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