2013 in Review


I’m writing this as part of the Mumsnet Bloggers’ linky. Well, I was going to do it anyway but now I feel less bad about boring you all with stuff you already know…

It’s been an amazing year on the blog. No, really. So many people have agreed to work with us on stuff and as a result I’ve been able to do things I would have called “a trifling fancy” this time last year. Or this time 150 years ago. So, here’s a quick* round-up

*probably won’t be quick.

In January, I started the year as I meant to go on by ranting about some tabloid journalists. A lot of people enjoyed that post. We also skipped the queue at the Rain Room after some handy grizzling from Eva’s friend H.



In February, I spent my very cold birthday at London Zoo and I ran my first ever giveaway…I think. It was a long time ago and I can’t quite remember. And of course, we took a ride on the ducky boat…!



March was a quiet month for blogging, and a crazy month for other kinds of writing. Still, I found some time for a TfL rant. Never too busy for that…


In April, I turned into an estate agent. These things happen to me around the time of the full moon. We also met Sportacus, of LazyTown fame, and checked out our new local soft play, Crazy Chimps.

chris and pui

May was pretty busy with freelance work too, and disappearing off to Devon for a week, but we did get to see Chris and Pui and Maria got a kiss from Chris. Result!

london eye

June saw us trying out the London Eye and the river cruise with our babysitter niece Natalie. And taking over another boat for Roo’s birthday.


In July, the blog was 2 years old! So we celebrated with a very sweaty race through Central London. Like you do. We also interviewed the London Eye and the Duck Tours for our Summer Holiday Preview. And we went ravin’ at Big Fish Little Fish.


In August, we went to LolliBop and enjoyed some Sid’n’Andy action…at least, I did. We visited Peppa Pig World in The Countryside and saw the Polyphonic Spree live (without the kids)


Reuben started school in September, and I had an idea for an award…but more on that later…


In October I launched the “London’s Most Toddler-Friendly Cafe Award“, which was eventually won by The Dish and the Spoon in Nunhead. We also went to the CBeebies premiere and met some exciting (by my standards) celebrities.

sad eyes

In November I wrote a little post about Katie Hopkins which went absolutely nuts and made LWAT the fastest growing blog on WordPress…if only for a few hours. I also went to Mumsnet Blogfest , went self-hosted and saw a wonderful play about Julie Andrews. Busy month!

Panto - Seabright Productions

Lastly, in December we cried over Old Jack’s Boat and cried (but with laughter) at Potted Panto. And now we’re heading to Winchester for a long-overdue rest.

Thanks everybody for your support this year, for cheering us on as we stumbled down Tottenham Court Rd and for sharing my sad-eyed rant around the web. No idea how 2014 is going to live up to this…!

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  1. A very happy New Year to you! Sounds as though you’ve had a good one. The Polyphonic Spree? I’m super-jealous! Just read your Katie post – absolutely bloomin brilliant….

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