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I have news!

No, I’m not pregnant. That’s a different Kate you’re thinking of.  I have news of the may-interest-other-people-too genre. Now, where’s that miniature trumpet I usually use for these kind of announcements? Darn, can’t find it. You’ll have to make do with Reuben on the party-blower.

<insert tinny fanfare>

Here we go…..soft play is coming to Kennington! Yes, you heard that right….in a few months’ time, you will no longer have to get on a bus to go to soft play in Brixton, Battersea or Peckham. In fact, we won’t even have to leave the estate (I don’t know about you…in fact this whole announcement presupposes that you have some kind of interest in the Kennington area whereas you probably live in California). Crazy Chimps soft play will be moving into the corner of Kennington Park Square from March 2013 (approx, tbc) . You know Kennington Park Square – it’s the one that’s not a square and nowhere near Kennington Park. Behind the Texaco Garage. 3 minutes walk away from our house. Just next to where this photo was taken, in fact:

IMG-20120419-00029Now, I know opinions are divided on soft plays but I happen to like them. They’re somewhere for my hyper 3-year-old to run himself ragged and by the time it opens, Eva may be on the way to running around too. If she ever figures out this crawling thing. Anyway, enough from me. Here’s what the owner, Sally said:

Crazy Chimps is an indoor play house not just for kids but also for adults to also enjoy and have endless fun.

We would like to offer children and chance to play, learn, party, explore, interact with other children and most importantly spend some quality bonding time with their families, in the most exciting safe indoor play venue with the latest play equipment in the world,  Including soft slow moving equipment.

Bring your children to The Crazy Chimps and let them unleash their wild side, have their hair cut or styled, girls and mummies can have their nails done, relax in our café and of course play in a healthy, fun and above all safe environment whilst learning some of the most valuable development skills: social, risk taking, coordination, educational, creative and exercise.”

So, there you have it – Reuben will be able to unleash his wild side very soon. They may regret inviting him to do that. The website is still under construction but for more info, you can contact

In other news, the Imperial War Museum is closing for 6 months from Jan till June next year, so it’s just as well we’ll have another local run-around!

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24 Responses to News! News! News!

  1. ladybird says:

    That sounds amazing 🙂 If a soft play opened 3 mins walk from us I think we would probably move in with them – you will have to find out if they do anual membership!

  2. maria says:

    Brilliant I was just wondering what might be nearby… Will be keeping my eyes open for the opening date and will be there with bells on! M x

  3. H's mama says:

    I am wondering if boys can get their nails done too? Otherwise sounds great.

  4. Paula says:

    That indeed IS something to be jubilant about. I can totally empathize with your excitement, being in the same biz but in Cardiff.

  5. Suzanne says:

    Soft play. Round the corner? Sounds ideal! I don’t live in London on indeed know where Kenningtson Square is but any new soft play centre is something to cheer about lol!

  6. rosie_t_riveter says:

    Woo! Open just in time for E’s first birthday you say?!? Excellent

  7. Kerry says:

    Finally so, e news about this I’ve seen the posters up as I live in Gaysley house just opposite but couldn’t find anything online. I’m so excited and I’m sure my 1yr old will be right at home there too. Any idea when it will be opening?

    • katese11 says:

      All I know is “Early-March”…very exciting! We are also on the estate (not saying exactly which house due to stalkers…) so I can’t wait for it to open. I’ve already got Roo’s nursery on the estate and his school (hopefully) just off it…with new Tesco on the corner, we may never have to cross Kennington Rd again 😉

    • katese11 says:

      Ooh, just noticed that their website now has something on ( tho not much info!

      • claire reeves says:

        Do you have any ideas of the age group this soft play will be aimed at. My son is 7 and still loves soft play centres! We’re on kennington park road so this is so exciting for us, just hope its not only for under 5’s, or we’ll miss out on this great sounding new place!!

  8. Kerry says:

    Thanks will be keeping a close eye on the website and will hopefully be seeing lots of new faces and new mums there in March! I’m just starting to get my little one ready for nursery so I can get back to work so hopefully this will get him into the groove too =)

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  11. Carlo says:

    It is unfortunate that the operator of this Buisness is an extremely bad neighbour to the people who live in the building they occupy. They have worked during our of hours times causing extreme construction noise and installed huge industrial air con units within our gardens which they have no planning permission for. I would urge local residents not to support this buisness as the owners have no regard for their neighbours and local residents.

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