Pasley Park -25/08/12…My First Guest Post

This is a Guest Post from Mr katese11, aka Nathan. Londonwithatoddler accepts no responsibility for the contents of this post, and views expressed represent the author’s own. 😉

So if, like me this morning, you find yourself with a small bored child on the Walworth Road and you are attempting to keep him from public meltdown while queuing for the photo-printy-out machine in Boots, which has just run out of photo-paper & the security guy is trying to fix it (“not really my responsibility, this” but bless him he was kind & patient to the lady in front who was ranting at him about the quality of her prints), then hopefully you will have also just come from the sorting office and thus have a couple of Mr Men books in a package from said child’s Nana to help keep him entertained (one of which was Mr Slow, and as the photo-machine was rebooting for the second time the irony wasn’t lost on me). I accept it’s unlikely that your day will be exactly like mine in this respect, but regardless of if you have books on you or not, which titles they are, or how you came to be in possession of them, you will have by this point promised the child a trip to the park as soon as this is over.

And so we’re in luck, you & I, for a quick internet map search from my Android Com-link suggested nearby green space in the form of Pasley Park. Swiftly passing the football pitch and the quirky peacock statutes on the way in, we made a beeline for the climbing frame/slide.  There’s also the standard swings/baby swings & see-saw that one would expect in a park (although I did nervously wonder if I’d assumed too much as we approached the park – a green splodge on a map doesn’t definitely guarantee a slide) but the icing on this particular park’s metaphorical cupcake was the brightly colored assault course that’s neatly hidden over the brow of the hill – we would’ve missed it had we stayed with the slide and not gone on the swings. Enough fun to keep the boy occupied for a half hour or so.

VERDICT: Better than hanging out on Walworth Rd.

More details here (official website)

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