Magners Pasture – 30/04/11

Good day Sunshine! I may have mentioned that it’s been a bit rainy in London lately so it was amazing to wake up yesterday morning and see a bit of yellow sunshine (as Roo calls it) poking through the clouds.

We were meeting Tammy and Jake at the Royal Festival Hall, assuming that it would be yet another rainy day. But it wasn’t! So we had lunch and left in search of somewhere sunny to hang out. The park opposite the London Eye is currently a giant building site (thanks to the Jubilympics), but Tammy spotted the Magners Pasture (part of the Udderbelly festival but not ticketed) and we thought that’d be worth a go.

And indeed it was! It was basically just a big beer garden (there was a bar and a food stall too), so I felt obliged to spend an outrageous £1.80 on a can of lemonade. But as “hanging out” tax goes, it was acceptable. We managed an hour’s hanging out before Jake wanted to go and explore other places, and Roo’s constant screaming at the pigeons was starting to annoy the grown-ups.

Ah yes, grown-ups. I think they see a beer garden on the South Bank as their “zone” and I’m not sure how all of them felt about the invasion of the preschoolers. But that’s their problem. It was a Monday afternoon – why weren’t they all at work? For the most part, the boys were pretty well-behaved and just spent ages playing with the giant Connect 4 set. Not sure they really understood the rules but never mind. Roo also liked the purple cows and the deckchair. Mummy also liked the deckchair but kept getting kicked out of it by Roo…

VERDICT: A nice place to spend a sunny hour or so. Just be prepared to leave when the grown-ups start giving you evils…

More details here (official website)

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4 Responses to Magners Pasture – 30/04/11

  1. We were eyeing this up when walking past on Saturday – I like the stage. We just couldn’t work out what it was!

  2. Mike says:

    A beer garden IS a grown up’s ‘zone’?! It’s your problem if you can’t control your kids, not theirs.

    • katese11 says:

      Hi Mike
      Thanks for writing to defend your “zone”. At the time, the kids’ “zone” was a construction site and it just so happened that your “zone” looked a lot like a playground, what with the toys and the big plastic cows. I *think* the point I was making is that most grown-ups I know are at work on a Monday afternoon, and most people on the South Bank are tourists, who tend to come in families.
      Anyhoo, point taken. If you read the post, you’ll see that I did manage to control my child with some success, and removed him as soon as he was getting annoying. Incidentally, I spent much of my childhood in beer gardens but – as Starsailor once said – Daddy was an alcoholic.

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