A Sandpit Special

Recycling old posts, you say? Lazy, you say? Ah, shoot me.

Of course “ah, shoot me” are not words you want to utter in some of South London’s less savoury sandpits. And neither are the words “Go on Roo, see what you can find. What’s that shiny thing? A needle? Oh”.* Hence this round up of the best sandpits in London**

It’s been sunny these last few weeks. Roo has been asking for the seaside and places to “dig for treasure”. Mummy has been too pregnant to contemplate leaving London to go to an actual seaside, so we’ve been spending a lot of time in sandpits. In the last four days, we’ve been to four different sandpits. Today I’m home without him (hooray for Maternity Leave!), so naturally I’m writing about sandpits. Call it continuing a theme…

Anyhoo, on with the countdown…

5) Causton Street Playground
A gem in the middle of residential Pimlico. A paddling pool is the natural life partner of a sandpit and here you can find both. A lovely holiday vibe!

4) Archbishops’ Park, Lambeth
A local one for us but pretty new, with lovely clean sand and surrounded by grassy banks to sit on. And random pirate decor.

3) Holland Park
An entire play area filled with sand! What else could you ask for??

2) Marylebone Green, Regents’ Park
Getting a feeling of deja vu yet?! Huge, deep sandpit with built in play huts

1) Coram’s Fields
Not one but TWO sandpits, one with slides and water play in the middle (you’ll hate it, your toddler will love it). Lots of space to play, which is just as well seeing as Coram’s is super-popular in the summer…

Sorry to Brockwell Park – you didn’t make the list cause I was in a bad mood when I visited. And Victoria Park – you missed out because I forgot about you. Scientific this is not….

*Disclaimer #1 I have never found a needle in any sandpit, South London or otherwise

**Disclaimer #2 In my completely biased and slightly limited opinion. You want objectivity? This isn’t the blog for you…
Update 09/09/12 – I made a sandpit map! Check it out!

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