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I take it all back! No more swimming or soft play!

Amid all the riot coverage yesterday, the ever-reliable Metro published a small article on p11 about the state of today’s toddlers (aka tomorrow’s looters). As far as I can see, it hasn’t been reproduced online anywhere but I’ll do my … Continue reading

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London in a crisis

So, you’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been the last few days. The answer is right here, carrying on with life in the wake of the chaos our city seems to have found itself in. I last updated on Sunday, … Continue reading

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Some housekeeping…..

No, not in the actually tidying my house sense. Well, I wiped a few surfaces in the bathroom earlier. Does that count? Anyway, it was blog-verse housekeeping I was referring to. You may now notice that I have tagged and … Continue reading

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London Transport Museum – 07/08/11

Yeh! We did it! (As Roo would say). After a looong time of talking about it, we finally got round to going to the London Transport Museum. I was put off by the price for ages (£13.50 per adult) but … Continue reading

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Where not to take a toddler outside London

Bracknell. It’s just grim and crazy. Oh, now I’ve offended all the people in my readership who live in Bracknell. I’m sorry. But really, have you looked around you? A small explanation – today we went to a friend’s BBQ … Continue reading

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Fire Brigade Museum – 05/08/11

He’s always on the scene and his fire engine’s red and clean….it’s Fireman Roo. Today, the Fire Brigade Museum were having an Open Day and Reuben is in a particularly NEE-NAWy phase, so we went along (see, I promised you … Continue reading

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All these things that I’ve done – a cheeky piece of cross-posting/plugging

You likey this blog, hey? You wanna hear more about the best slides and paddling pools within easy reach of the SE11 area? Well, why not check out this article I’ve written on the links between a dodgy Nigerian pastor … Continue reading

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Kennington Park

Another local-y one. I will get off my arse and go somewhere more exciting soon, promise. We darn near went to the Natural History Museum the other day but the queues were horrendous, so it was the Science Museum instead. … Continue reading

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Splish splash! Swimming with a toddler in South London

Another generic post but a nice one for a hot day, no? We’ve done a fair bit of swimming around the South London area (not literally swimming around South London…unless you believe that made-for -TV movie “Flood”. “Sir, if we … Continue reading

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