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London Loves

London has been in the news way too much recently, for all the wrong reasons. So I wanted to make a space where we celebrate the London we know- not the one that’s full of tragedy and police tape. Every … Continue reading

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A Voter’s Guide to the London Mayoral Elections

Random underlinings, ill-advised hashtags, activists posing as voters – this booklet has it all. The booklet to which I’m referring is, of course, the Mayor of London’s official guide to his potential successors – a booklet where all the candidates … Continue reading

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London with a Tiddler

Yes, I’ve been hanging onto that post title for a long time. It was the brainchild of my friend Rufus’ Mum, who also invented the “Zoom zoom zoom” game. She’s a professional writer. You can tell, right? Reuben is now … Continue reading

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An Evening in A&E

In my last post, I promised to tell you about what we did on our Friday night. We had a rocking family trip out. To A&E! I told you it was fun! So, Reuben fell off something at nursery. He … Continue reading

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A post-baby social life

It’s Saturday Night. I’m blogging this from a groovy Soho bar, where I’m sipping cocktails so trendy that no-one has ever heard of them, and later I may shoot some tequila off David Tennant’s chest. I took that too far, … Continue reading

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A Simple Guide to Bus Etiquette

Cause some people out there need it. I’ve touched on it before (here and here), but it seems like some of the 7 million Londoners are still unsure about it. Let’s go: 1) Whoever gets to the bus stop first … Continue reading

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A WordPress writing challenge – kids in adult-orientated places

I never normally let anyone else tell me what to write. But my loyal host-ers WordPress, threw up this writing challenge and I couldn’t resist answering. After all, it’s kinda my area – taking toddlers out of the house and … Continue reading

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100 things to do with a toddler in London

Note: a revised, updated and some would say improved version of this list is now available as an e-book! Click here to buy it! Well, this is quite a moment. In case you hadn’t realised, this is my 100th post. … Continue reading

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A new map, for your convenience

Another sunny weekend, another shameless cash-in! Here it is – the LWAT guide to paddling pools and sandpits. Yes, those are volcanoes. Sand volcanoes. Enjoy!

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This is London….with a toddler

Now, this is a funny day to start this blog. I’ve had this kinda idea for a while – a record of my trips round London with my adorable(ish) 2-year-old, Reuben. But I’m going to start with a justification. You … Continue reading

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