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The Bucket and Spade List Part 3 – Attempting Leytonstone

You can tell by the title of this post that it’s not going to be an exciting one. I would love to report that I explored Leytonstone fully, and discovered a treasure trove of toddler-friendliness there. But it wasn’t like … Continue reading

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10 Ways that Recruitment is the Perfect Practice for Parenthood

You may not know this about me but, immediately pre-Reuben, I used to be a recruitment consultant. It was fun for a while and – I realised while cooking dinner – just the perfect preparation for parenthood. I’ll explain: 1) … Continue reading

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LolliBop 2014 Review!

This review might be coming a little too late to be of any use to anyone, but we’ve all had a bit of post-LolliBop fatigue. LolliBopped out indeed. Of course, the wild Saturday preceeding it didn’t help – Nathan and … Continue reading

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The Bucket and Spade list Part 2 – Nancy’s Pantry

The Bucket and Spade List is going well. By that, I mean we’re a third of the way through August and we’ve done one a bit of the ten. But it’s a strong start. Yesterday, the trail led us to … Continue reading

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Summer Arts and Crafts and Fun

  Are the holidays starting to drag yet? Or, like me, is it the 5-year-old that you’re dragging around the grotty alleys of Soho? Either way, you could probably do with some more ideas on things to do. So, I’ve … Continue reading

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Sponsored Post – How to Find the Best Family Entertainment Package

    So, you’ve got the giant flat screen plugged in, the suite of furniture is arranged nicely around it and the sound system is set up and ready to roll. After setting up the living room of your dreams … Continue reading

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The Bucket and Spade List – Part 1

You’ve heard of the Bucket List, right? Starting off as a list of things to do before you die, it’s become a generic term for a list of cool stuff you want to do. So, we’ve hijacked that for our … Continue reading

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A Break-Up Letter

I hesitated for a long time about whether to make this public or not. After all, it’s no way to treat someone you’ve been with since the late 90s. But when that someone screws you over too many times, it’s  … Continue reading

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Kate and Mim-Mim – Coming to CBeebies Soon!

I love exciting packages. This one was waiting for us in a sorting office in Chingford so had to be extra exciting to justify the trip up there after school. But it was! Huge and purple and shiny it contained … Continue reading

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Summer Holidays 2014

It’s finally happened – School have said that they don’t want to teach Reuben anymore. At least not until he starts Year 1 in September. If you have a similarly set-loose child, you may be wondering how to fill those … Continue reading

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