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Holland Park – 11/08/17

We’ve just arrived back from a week in the Netherlands and Belgium….but more on that another day. Let me first tell you about the preparatory trip we did before we left – to Holland Park, in West London. Believe it … Continue reading

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When a Business Lives or Dies by its Facebook Reviews

  We live in an era of People Power. The will of the people has decided that we’re leaving the European Union and that the most powerful country in the world is run by a misogynist narcissist with the attention … Continue reading

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“Stomp” – 27/07/16

  So, I didn’t actually go to see Stomp today but bear with me…I sent my small envoys to review it for me. Reuben plus the two teenage temp-LWATers. They enjoyed it, and I’ll get onto their comments later. I … Continue reading

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“Ten Pieces Presents…” Prom – 23/07/16

We’ve got a couple of temporary LWATers with us this week. They’re young and full of energy and they’ve been tasked with looking after the kids while Nathan and I go to work. But first, I thought we’d show them … Continue reading

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Summer Holidays Are Here!

  So, it’s four days into the holidays and already my kids have watched six Marvel movies. Nathan’s been in charge and apparently, “there’s a lot of MCU to get through”. If you’d like your children to be slightly more … Continue reading

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“The Midnight Gang” at Chickenshed – 20/07/17

The first thing Reuben said to me this morning was “It’s OK Mummy, I didn’t get up in the middle of the night and have an adventure”. If you’re wondering why he would even have that idea in his head, … Continue reading

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Chickenshed’s “Dreams of Freedom” – 26/06/17

It’s taken me a little while to write this review. I apologise. It was something to do with a catastrophic blog-tech-fail which removed the entire blog from the world wide web. But it’s back now – we can all stop … Continue reading

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London Loves

London has been in the news way too much recently, for all the wrong reasons. So I wanted to make a space where we celebrate the London we know- not the one that’s full of tragedy and police tape. Every … Continue reading

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A Roasting Weekend in East London

Ja ja, this theme is getting stretched now. It’s hot. You get it. But I haven’t yet bored you with what we did last weekend, so I’m going to do that right now before the thunder storm arrives. Eva and … Continue reading

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Cool Theatre Shows for Hot Days

  I’m melting. Roo and I walked/scooted to the Feel Good Centre in blistering heat and now my brain resembles nothing more than a pink sticky puddle BUT I have some cool things to tell you about, so I’m soldiering … Continue reading

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