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“Rapunzel” at Chickenshed – 09/12/17

  Ah the Piccadilly Line, my old nemesis. We meet again. It had been less than 24 hours since the kids and I were stranded at Leicester Square for a full 13 minutes, and yet here were Eva and I … Continue reading

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A Post-Baby Social Life Part 2

Last week I went to a gig with my husband. Nothing unusual you might think but it’s kind of a rarity since we’ve had kids. By the time we’ve bought tickets and drinks and paid the babysitter we’re looking at … Continue reading

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LWAT is 500 – A Monopoly Special pt 5 (The Short Version)

  Having rambled on for 6000 words about our Monopoly travels around London, I thought it’d be useful to have a quick summary of the route and stops, in case anyone else fancies doing it. It’s split over two days, … Continue reading

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GIVEAWAY! – Q Pootle 5 Event with Nick Butterworth

The summer holidays are approaching fast but I have a few ideas that’ll keep your kids happy. Like this event – renowned children’s author and illustrator Nick Butterworth is coming to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich  on 26th July for … Continue reading

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Cancer With a Toddler – Holly’s Story

Let me introduce you to Holly. She’s been on the blog before, putting us up one Christmas in Germany and hanging out with us in London but this post is a little different. It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and … Continue reading

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Autumn is Coming

Yes, it’s true. I’m wearing a cardigan as I write this. I may even put the heating on later. I know it’s August but my feet are cold. And that brings me smoothly onto my autumn preview. Because as the … Continue reading

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Crayford – 20/08/15

  “Where is Crayford?”, you may ask. Well, it’d be a good question. I wouldn’t have known the answer a week ago. But the answer is it’s in the London Borough of Bexley, and a swift visit there ticked off … Continue reading

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Testing Times

Roo is 6 today. Look at him, all proud in his new Captain America costume. Ready to go and beat up some communists or something equally patriotic. He’s had an exhausting weekend, all running about with friends, playing with new … Continue reading

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Walthamstow Wanders

December was both a busy and a sickly month and January has not – as yet – been a massive improvement. But in between the stomach bugs and theatre trips we have occasionally managed to do some wandering around Walthamstow, … Continue reading

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Chris and Pui Roadshow – A Guest Post

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Maria of Maria Made It. LWAT takes no responsibility for her opinions or her schoolgirl crush on CJ or indeed her copyright-infringing use of “big winky face”. Enjoy! Hello, I’m Maria, standing … Continue reading

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