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VIctorian Santa’s Grotto at Museum of London Docklands – 17/12/16

I feel like I may have gone into Christmas-panic mode. I’ve got Nathan wrapping presents and watching “Scrooged” while I down Minstrels, print out carol music and blog about Santa’s grottos. I may yet go for an emergency Tesco trip … Continue reading

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A Post-Baby Social Life Part 2

Last week I went to a gig with my husband. Nothing unusual you might think but it’s kind of a rarity since we’ve had kids. By the time we’ve bought tickets and drinks and paid the babysitter we’re looking at … Continue reading

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Ziggy Played Guitar – 14/12/16

(A note to my patient and ever-forgiving readers…I wrote this on Wednesday evening but have been having some technical issues with photos. That’s why the timing makes no sense) A cafe named after a dog named after a Bowie song? … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas….

  We’ve officially declared it Christmas season – the tree is up, the presents are ordered and I’m singing Christmas songs. Admittedly I’ve been doing that last one since August but for pragmatic rather than festive reasons. With that in … Continue reading

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Wonderlab at the Science Museum – 12/11/16

I realise I’ve taken a while to blog about this but it’s been a busy month. Still, let’s get this wrapped up before it turns all Christmassy around here. Have those snowflakes starting falling across the homepage yet? So, we … Continue reading

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