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Baby Regrets, 6 Years On

This evening, because I know how to party really hard, I’ve been clearing through the inbox of the babyledweaning.com Facebook page, of which I am a mostly absent admin. I’ve been steadily ignoring the messages building up there for months but … Continue reading

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I’m Bored

  That won’t surprise anyone who knows me. After all, I get bored easily. But I’m bored of something specific right now – and that’s tabloid articles about breastfeeding. The latest effort comes – unsurprisingly  – from the Daily Mail, … Continue reading

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A Guide to Solving Your Breastfeeding in Public Dilemmas

After the Rugeley protests and the massive amounts of publicity surrounding breastfeeding in public this last week or so, you’d think that the world would have got the message. Not so much. The internet trolls that branded a mother a … Continue reading

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TV Doctors Undermine Breastfeeding for Publicity – FACT!

The strangest thing happened on November 3rd 2012. I was breastfeeding my daughter when suddenly something changed. It was as if the milk realised that she was six months old and, like Lily Potter’s enchantment when Harry turned 17, it … Continue reading

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Nestlé and Me – A Story

An argument on mumsnet alerted me to the fact that Nestlé has partnered up with Change4Life, an NHS initiative to make people healthier. Why would that bother anyone? Well, Nestlé have somewhat of a chequered past and it seems like not … Continue reading

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Does The Right to Breastfeed Anywhere Mean You Should Breastfeed Anywhere?

Today I found myself in the uncomfortable position of siding with the Daily Mail on something. It wasn’t a good feeling and I hope it won’t happen again. It was the fault of some strangers on the internet – we … Continue reading

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10 Things I Hate About Now – A Rant about Misinformation

There are almost too many things making me cross at the moment. Through not-much fault of my own, I clicked onto the Daily Mail website 9 times in 2 days last week. I don’t know why it kept happening, but … Continue reading

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Attack of the Crones

I’ve just been to the supermarket and someone I didn’t know came up to me and told me my baby was ugly. I was reeling from that whenever person stepped up and said that my little boy was a bit … Continue reading

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A post-baby social life

It’s Saturday Night. I’m blogging this from a groovy Soho bar, where I’m sipping cocktails so trendy that no-one has ever heard of them, and later I may shoot some tequila off David Tennant’s chest. I took that too far, … Continue reading

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The mobile milk bar – breastfeeding around town

(Before WordPress kicks me off – that’s a picture of some ice-cream. What did you think it was?!) I’m not really one for being contentious on this blog. I’m more about sandpits and stuff. But a few facebook arguments recently … Continue reading

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