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HipChips – 27/01/17

  Hipster food trends continue to flourish in London and if you don’t keep up, you could easily get left behind and as confused as Ellie was when I offered to take her out for crisps before our cinema trip. … Continue reading

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Need to Leave the House?

I know it’s difficult to imagine moving far off the sofa when it’s this dang cold but c’mon London, there is a world of opportunity out there. I’m snuggling right down tonight in the lurid reindeer onesie my choirsters gifted … Continue reading

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Truth and the Trump Fan

Note: I wrote this on Monday when my face was still a permanent 😮 at the speed and ferocity of the bullcrap coming out of Trump’s wherever. It was destined for a different site but…meh…it’s not happened (possibly too libellous? … Continue reading

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Women’s March on London – 21/01/17

Now, here’s a conundrum – I made a decision three hours ago to stop talking on the internet about the President we’ll refer to only as P45 (we can only hope)….for tonight at least. But I need to do some … Continue reading

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(Girls and) Boys Keep Swinging…

  No, not swinging in that sense. What’s wrong with you? Swing-dance-inspired fitness. Obviously. Get those minds out of the gutter. Let’s move on… It’s January 19th and so far I have been to two exercise classes this year. It’s … Continue reading

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Why I’m Marching on Saturday

Marching doesn’t come easily to me, especially in January. If there’s an opportunity to protest while sitting down and having a cup of coffee, I’ll generally take that option. But sometimes you have to make a stand. This Friday, the … Continue reading

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