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Full of Beans, Highbury – 31/01/15

See, I told you we’d get past Walthamstow one day. Granted, not very far past Walthamstow – in fact, just ten minutes down the Victoria Line – but it counts. We have friends in Highbury, who have nativised to the … Continue reading

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February Fun Things

  Yes, that’s alliterative. Kinda. If you say it like a 5-year-old. So there. It’s almost the end of January! Whoop! January is a miserable, long, dark month, when no-one has any money. February, meanwhile, is a bit lighter and … Continue reading

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Walthamstow Wanders Part 2

We’ve been wandering around Walthamstow again. There’s still a lot to discover in this corner of the world, and it’s getting ever more toddler-friendly as more hipster parents move in from Stoke Newington. Yes, you can now buy overpriced organic … Continue reading

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Brooks Farm – 23/01/15

You may not have noticed but it’s blimming cold today. I’m cold right now.  I may have to persuade Eva to come and give me a hug to warm up, but that’s going to be a tough job, given she’s … Continue reading

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Save the Rabbit Hole!

  These are unhappy times for London’s toddler-friendly cafes. Our favourite Dish and Spoon is closed, due to water damage repair and Nancy’s Pantry is also closed, following a fire. And now the Rabbit Hole is facing closure too, due … Continue reading

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Competition Time!! Win a Family Ticket to “In the Night Garden Live”

  Exciting news in LWATville. The “In the Night Garden” dome is hitting the road again and we have a family ticket to give away! The dates have just been announced today and <drumroll> here they are: Live Quarter at … Continue reading

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The Real Danger of UKIP

  I know, I know…this has nothing to do with London toddlerness. But I live in London and I’m damned if my toddlers are going to grow up under the thumb of Farage. How will my poor son-of-Israel boy be … Continue reading

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Walthamstow Wanders

December was both a busy and a sickly month and January has not – as yet – been a massive improvement. But in between the stomach bugs and theatre trips we have occasionally managed to do some wandering around Walthamstow, … Continue reading

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Funz and Gamez – 03/01/15

I’ve seen a lot of child friendly theatre recently…In fact it feels like the blog has been nothing but theatre reviews over December…almost as if we’d had a stomach bug between each trip and had spent the intervening days desperately … Continue reading

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