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Epping Forest Pub Walk – 01/05/17

So I get it, you’re just like me. Right? You wake up on a bank holiday Monday and go “I know what I want to do today. I want to drag an overhyped, overtired girl two miles through a forest … Continue reading

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Wanders in Wapping – 06/09/15

Today was a day of discovery. Like the discovery that we could make a half mile walk last half a day and other, more useful, things, Let’s start with the discovery of the Tardis of North London – Canonbury station. … Continue reading

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Chips and Changing Tables – Eating Out With a Toddler Part 1 Zillion….

Cause, yknow we’ve done a lot of this eating out with a toddler thing now. Newborns, weaners, toddler, preschoolers, schoolkids…we’ve dropped ketchup on them all, in restaurants all over London. But here are some that have been more fun than … Continue reading

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London with a Tiddler

Yes, I’ve been hanging onto that post title for a long time. It was the brainchild of my friend Rufus’ Mum, who also invented the “Zoom zoom zoom” game. She’s a professional writer. You can tell, right? Reuben is now … Continue reading

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A WordPress writing challenge – kids in adult-orientated places

I never normally let anyone else tell me what to write. But my loyal host-ers WordPress, threw up this writing challenge and I couldn’t resist answering. After all, it’s kinda my area – taking toddlers out of the house and … Continue reading

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