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The Power of Poison – 21/06/15

  Well, it’s been an interesting week. On Wednesday night I baked some brownies and, waiting for them to cool down, wrote a silly little song about the recent train troubles on the Chingford line.  Then Nathan filmed it, we … Continue reading

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May Mayhem

Yes, May is almost upon us, which means I have a very nearly 3-year-old. She’s been gearing up to be 3 for a long time, what with the constant questions and the whinge button stuck on, but this means I … Continue reading

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The Idol, Barking – 17/04/15

What “keywords” do you look for in the description of a soft play? “Spacious”? “Natural Light”? “Coffee on tap”? How about “sinister”? That was the description of The Idol soft play in Barking, by its Turner-nominated designer Marvin Gaye Chetwynd. … Continue reading

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Picnicking at the Barbican – 05/04/15

  As you can tell, the Easter weekend was pretty fun-packed for us. So much so that it’s taken me the entire week to recover write it up. Easter Sunday itself was spent at church but what to do to … Continue reading

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The Bucket and Spade List Part 10 – The Met Line

The first thing I need to warn you about the Met line is how much concentration it requires to actually catch it. Any Met line platform on Central London is probably moonlighting as a Circle line platform as well. And … Continue reading

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The Art of the Brick – 24/09/14

What can be done with the humble Lego brick that has never been done before? That’s what you might wonder, as new exhibition “The Art of the Brick” rolls into town. But artist Nathan Sawaya has managed to create something … Continue reading

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Hippopo Thames – 17/09/14

It’s funny how much can change in 6 months.  We only left Vauxhall in March but the gentrification that pushed housing out of our price range has gathered pace.  Now, Vauxhall has its own Street Food Garden,  swanky new tower … Continue reading

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Sensing Spaces – 02/04/14

I’m a little late to the party on this one, and I hate being late to parties (unless it’s the kind of party that takes a while to get going….you don’t want to be making awkward conversation right at the … Continue reading

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“Tube” at the Imagine Festival

Today, Eva and I went to see a piece of experimental toddler theatre. But more on that later – let’s start with the Imagine Festival. This year, there seems to be more to do than ever and we could have … Continue reading

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February Half Term Preview

OK,  it’s not even February yet, but I think most of us can’t wait to see the end of January. So, with that in mind let’s have a wee look at what’s going on over half term for toddlers, schoolkids … Continue reading

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