A Winter Catch Up


January is finally over and it feels like we’ve been stuck in winter for a long time. So what have we been up to? I guess the answer is not much that’s particularly bloggable, with the exception of a jaunt to Basingstoke, but there have been a few moments here and there that I thought I’d share with you in case they’re useful.

There was a train trip to Wokingham last week for me and Eva, and a long lunch in the Sedero Lounge. It’s a great place to hang out with kids – we sat on the sofas in the corner and there were piles of board games and duplo, along with a whole bookcase of books. Eva was mainly interested in the wall of mirrors:

catch up2

There’s a good kids’ menu, which comes with fancy juice (Eva had the apple and mango) and very tasty sausages. I managed two hours of chatting  with friends while she snuggled in a chair with a magazine. Result!

On the way, we stopped at Vauxhall City Farm because what else would you do at 10:30am on a January Saturday?

catch up3

Then there’s that trip to the Science Museum the day before Christmas Eve, where it was nearly deserted and we found the Mathematics Gallery for the first time:


We also spent a long time playing with the machine that photographs a drop of water falling into the glass:

catchup9 catchup10


There’s the age old game of “Two heads on the Central Line”:


A lot of these activities seem to involve Eva looking at herself. I’m not saying she’s vain, but there is a bit of an emerging trend.

There was a trip to Leyton Leisure Centre, where the swimming itself was underwhelming (only a tiny part of the pool was open and the kids were out of depth so just clung to us) but we had the best lunch afterwards at the High Fry Fish Bar:


And there have been a lot of slightly chilly bike rides in the near-dark. Here’s Roo about to swoop underneath a North Circular roundabout. I know, I show my kids a good time…


So that’s what we’ve been doing to make these long weeks drag fly by. February half term is within our sights now and the half term preview will be coming very soon but I’ll leave you with this delightful bit of treasure I spotted in the bins at Hackney Downs:

catch up1

But is it art? Probably yes.

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