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Things We’ve Done in July

I’ve got so far behind in blogging and the summer holidays are coming up so fast that I’m throwing the towel in slightly and just doing a giant round up post. I still have a summer preview to write and … Continue reading

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London Without a Toddler – ABQ

Did I mention that the kids are back? We’ve had them back for five days and, honestly, it’s like they’ve never been away. But they were away! For most of half term…and while they were, Nathan and I partied hard. … Continue reading

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London Without a Toddler – Ashes to Ashes

A Wednesday night out on the town? How very daring, hey? But don’t be too impressed with me – I bailed out at an un rock n roll 10:30 in order to get home and relieve the babysitter. So this … Continue reading

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London Without a Toddler – Abbey Spa

Yes, I know the post title and the picture above seem to contradict each other…but trust me, my spa “day” was toddler-free and in fact preschooler-free if we’re getting technical. The picture was taken by Nathan, at home with both … Continue reading

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