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The Librarian – 06/05/16

I must admit I was a little surprised by this latest offering from the Discover Centre on Tour. Whenever we’ve encountered Discover before – whether on home turf or up in the sky – their storytelling has been engaging, funny … Continue reading

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LWAT’s Guide to Tabby McTat

Listen up, Londoners…this is important stuff. I know this blog covers a wide variety of topics, from the trivial (politics) to the vital (sandpits) but this is one of the life-changing ones. I’m going to tell you where all the … Continue reading

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The Gruffalo’s Birthday – 28/06/14

As you probably know, we often have days out which sound great in my mind but turn out a bit rubbish…it’s the parenting way. Children throw tantrums, babies have messy accidents and everyone is kinda relieved when we get back … Continue reading

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Some Exciting Things Happening This Week

You heard that right – there are some exciting things happening this week. It’s late and I’m tired, so forgive me if I skim.. Firstly, the City of London Festival started this week and is running till 17th July. There’s … Continue reading

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Walter Under the Bridge – Book Review

There’s a troll under every bridge, apparently. The bridges near us tend to be of the Thames-spanning variety so could comfortably house an entire family of trolls, but checking underneath them would require a boat or a bungee cord. But … Continue reading

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Pets in Pants – a book review

This may be a little off-topic for my blog, but I was asked to review this book and I couldn’t say no. It features lots of pets. Wearing pants. What’s not to love? Turns out it was a good day … Continue reading

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