Some News From Our Friends

It seems crazy that, less than a year ago, Eva and I were sitting in the sunny back garden at Chickenshed in the interval of “Mr Stink“. And just a couple of months ago we were at Little Angel for “The Paper Dolls“. It’s scary times for our favourite theatres – the arts are always getting by on just enough and there’s no end in sight to the lockdown. Luckily, the creative types have got creative and gone online to keep sharing their magic with kids who desperately need a distraction right now.

Chickenshed has launched “Virtual Chickenshed” – there’s a bit more explanation in this video but it looks like there will be specially made YouTube episodes from the “Tales from the Shed” guys and a screening of their most recent show, which I was hoping to get to see in March…but March went a bit awry, didn’t it? It’s called “Waiting for the Ship to Sail” and it’s a show for older kids and teens. Go to for more information.


Meanwhile, Little Angel Theatre has created video stories and online stay-at-home activity guides on their website with craft ideas as well. Have a look at for stories like “Jack and the Beanstalk” and tutorials on how to make a troll puppet.

One day soon, hopefully, we’ll be back at these places in real life but till then…enjoy the virtual versions!

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