Save the Rabbit Hole!

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These are unhappy times for London’s toddler-friendly cafes. Our favourite Dish and Spoon is closed, due to water damage repair and Nancy’s Pantry is also closed, following a fire. And now the Rabbit Hole is facing closure too, due to an extraordinarily shortsighted and ill-managed business rates system from Newham Council. In a neglected part of Stratford, beyond the bright lights of Westfield, this plucky cafe and community space has been warming the hearts and feet of the local parenting community since May 2014 and it would be a shame and a disgrace if it was sabotaged by the very people who should be encouraging business development. 

Here’s a link to the petition. Please take a moment to sign it and share it – you never know what an impact it could make. And here are some of the lovely things people have been saying while signing:

“This is a valuable asset to the local community. Such an inspirational place”

“The Rabbit Hole is a wonderful child-friendly community space which should be supported by the council! It’s too good to let go!”

“Through hard work and commitment this space has been created to offer support, to enable individuals who are carers of young children, and for children themselves to play learn and communicate”

So please sign, and pop down to the Rabbit Hole to show your support. There may still be a chance…


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