Octowinner Announced!

Octonauts image

It was a grey and cloudy afternoon under the ocean in a school playground when LWAT visited random.org. Octonauts to the launch bay…we have a winner!

Before we announce it, a quick word from our sponsor, Mr K. Kitten:

“Ahoy, LWAT readers! Make sure you come and see us at Octonauts live! Unless you get totally distracted by some kind of sea-creature related emergency, which you’ve decided to go off and solve all by yourself while your colleagues are still sitting around talking. That’s the pirate way. Although the pirate way seems to involve getting rescued a lot by those same colleagues because you’ve done something reckless. Yeow!”

Thanks Kwazii, and now for the winner. It’s….

Lesley Shrosbee! Congratulations Lesley!!


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