Kate and Mim-Mim – Coming to CBeebies Soon!

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I love exciting packages. This one was waiting for us in a sorting office in Chingford so had to be extra exciting to justify the trip up there after school. But it was! Huge and purple and shiny it contained not only a preview disc of new Beebies show “Kate & Mim-Mim”, but also a large pair of purple rabbit ears and a box of nerds. Nerds were my absolute favourite sweet when I was younger and I haven’t had them in a long, long time so I was overjoyed to see them. And even more overjoyed when Reuben said he didn’t want any.

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Please do excuse the look of the very sweaty children in these shots. It was a bit of a hot day today and we’d been rushing about. Just be glad I didn’t post a selfie. Towards the end, i’ll show you the photo of Eva in the rabbit ears and Reuben “looking cool”. But you’ll have to wait for that.

Why? Because we have business to discuss. And that business is the important one of a new Beebies show. When I first heard about “Kate & Mim-Mim”, I was overjoyed that someone had finally made a kids’ TV show about my life, and that of my friend Mim. I was slightly disappointed to realise it was named after the creators’ daughter, but there’s a slight resemblance, no? Here’s the new Kate:


©2013 KMM Productions Inc., A Nerd Corps Company

And here’s me at 5:


(Mim insists that she looks nothing like a giant purple rabbit, just so we’re clear)

As you can tell, it’s a technicolour, vividly realised world, designed to look as if it’s been sculpted by a child. Every episode starts with 5-year-old Kate playing with her toy rabbit Mim-Mim, who then comes alive and takes her to a magical world called Mimiloo. There they have lots of amazing adventures – the episode we saw involved a car race, which Reuben liked because “it is fast, like I am” (nb he is never fast when it comes to putting his shoes on or leaving the house) There’s a cast of supporting characters too, from the tiny Lily to gardener Gobble.  There are certainly similarities to other shows – a bit of “Everything’s Rosie”, a bit of “Tree Fu Tom” but it stands up on its own as an entertaining and exciting world. The kids wanted to watch more episodes after the first one had finished and when I said we didn’t have any, they chose to watch the same episode again. A few days later, Roo left this message on the fridge:


2014-07-18 18.48.43paint

I think he’s a fan! Kate & Mim-Mim is coming to CBeebies on Monday 4th August at 5:30pm, starting with “Rip Roaring Race”. Make sure you watch it!

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